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Exynos-based devices via download mode by Odin

Added Reset Reactivation/FRP/EE lock new method via download mode for the following Qualcomm-based devices: Galaxy S5 (SM-G900F,SM-G9006V,SM-G9006W,SM-G9008V,SM-G9008W,SM-G900A,SM-G900FD,SM-G900K,SM-G900L,SM-G900MD,SM-G900S,SM-G900T,SM-G900T1,SM-G900W8,SM-G900R4,SM-G900I,SM-G900M,SM-G9009D,SM-G9009W,SM-G900P) Galaxy S5 Active (SM-G870A,SM-G870F,SM-G870W,SC-02G) Galaxy Note 3 (SM-N9005,SM-N9006,SM-N9008,SM-N900A,SM-N900W8,SM-N9008V,SM-N9002,SM-N9008S,SM-N900K,SM-N900L,SM-N900S,SM-N900V,SM-N900

How to Reset FRP/EE lock1).write (flash)Exynos-based devices via download mode by Odin.tar2). Tick "OEM Unlock" option after phone power on (Settings > Developer options > OEM Unlock)3). Make "Factory data reset" operation (or make "Wipe data/Factory reset" via recovery mode if "Factory data reset" failed via phone's menu)

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